Monday, October 18, 2010

Extreme Off Road Campers

Camper Trailers have significant advantages over tents because they are packed away in the trailer and taken wherever you want to go attached to the back of your 4wd or car. Sometimes known as camper tents are best described as a cross between a tent and a caravan and, consequently, their real advantages are twofold. Firstly, they offer a very significant increase in home comforts over a traditional tent and, secondly, they offer hugely increased storage space both inside the tent as well as in transit.
A trailer tent is really two items in one with a trailer that comes bundled with a tent. The tent fits away snugly in the bottom of the trailer, and then you can use the top of the trailer to haul a lot more equipment. This also leaves the boot of your car and perhaps also your roof rack for additional storage.
This in itself is a significant advantage because no one ever goes camping with just a tent. There is usually so much other gear with a camping trip that you need a trailer to haul it all. It is like taking a separate house with you along for the ride. That is why you need a special trailer that specially fitted to haul a tent along with other camping materials.
When you're ready to go camping hook up the trailer and when you arrive at the destination  you just unfold the tent from its position where it was stashed away and laid securely inside the trailer and set it up atop the trailer so that people can actually camp out in the trailer with the tent covering them. This is why trailer tents are often described as folding campers. The trailer itself forms a solid base for the tent and offers fixed beds based on the trailer too

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